• Do I have to change money managers to use your services?
    No. We will work with your money managers.
  • Do you really get results?
    We have a wonderful track record of working with companies and achieving results. Go to the page labeled "Success Stories" for a few examples.
  • What about Pro-Life issues for organizations interested in Pro-Life?
    The head of Aquinas is Frank Rauscher, who has the best record in the US in working with public companies on Pro-Life issues.
  • My finance committee believes that SRI will lower returns. What are the facts?
    Numerous academic studies are available that dispell that myth. Addtionally, your board may be thinking that there will be a long list of companies excluded from portfolio consideration - that is not the case when you use shareholder advocacy.
  • Why can't we change a company by not buying their stock?
    It simply does not work because their is no way for a company to know the total potential demand for its stock if it changed a policy or product. We constantly ask news reporters if they can name one company that has ever changed a social policy because of investors stating that they will avoid it if they do not change; and, to date, no one has been able to name a company that has done so. We can name hundreds of companies that have changed as a result of sharehokder advocacy
  • I have heard that money managers often pay the fees for this type of service. Do they do that?
    Yes. We work with them on various ways for them to pay the fees.