CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) CLARIFICATION: Corporations have multiple constituencies to serve. With the rise of socially responsible investing, companies are devoting additional resources to respond to initiatives of various investors. While working with community groups is not new to corporations, dealing with active investors is a different discipline which requires different approaches. Often the investor wants something done but is unclear on what a responsible resolution may be.

Corporations that prepare in advance for Corporate Socially Responsibility (CSR) will minimize management time allocated to this area, achieve better public relations, and be in a better position to develop a range of possible solutions.

MANAGEMENT EDUCATION: Corporate Social Responsibility starts with management awareness and education. CSR is no longer a situation where corporate stonewalling will be successful. The SEC and institutional investor groups now understand that a corporation may be stockpliling bad-will, undisclosed liabilities, and future regulatory intervention on many CSR issues. Management education is now a key part in CSR solutions. Aquinas can provide that education. We have been working with corporate executives for many years.

BRIDGE SOLUTIONS: Bridge activities can help corporations understand the issue from the eyes of the advocate or activist and vice versa. We often view situations where clarification of desired outcomes and the time frame to accomplish them can lead to satisfactory issue resolution. Aquinas can provide advice to corportions for their engagement of SRI and CSR issue constituencies.

PUBLIC SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS -Organizations can request a speaker on a range on socially and mission-based investing topics. Popular catagories are: access to housing, access to pharmaceuticals, employment discrimination, indecency, pornography, human services, human rights, sweatshops, religious investing, and many other current topics for corporate change.

  • Help corporations understand the effects (including costs and benefits) of strategic CSR
  • Preparation and assistance to implement CSR throughout a corporation and to integrate it with corporate strategy, goals, objecives, and action steps
  • Analyze alternative systems to assess and communicate the effect of CSR to shareholders (bottom line) as well as continuencies of employees, communities, vendors, and regulators
  • Pre-emptive solutions to potential adverse events in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility